iPhone Photography

The iPhone is the camera that you always have with you.

There is a staggering number of Apps now that allow you to edit in camera and share immediately on your Social Networking accounts or save to online photo storage Flikr and Photobucket among others. Some Apps even allow you to add effects in liveview mode so you can see the effect before taking the shot.

I am definitely a fan of iPhone photography it allows you to capture the moment and add your own artistic effect.

Photographs taken in studio at the Arts University Bournemouth for the short course Studio and Location Photography.

studio location photography

Applied Studio Location Photography Courses

For the final submission I had to shortlist from the 100’s of photographs taken over 10 weeks to just 25 photographs. Of which at least 1 or 2 should be from each of the assignments set either in class or as mid week home assignments.

Broncolor Studio LightingAssignments for the studio location photography course include ‘Still-life for Advertising’, ‘Studio and Creative Lighting Techniques’, ‘Editorial’ and ‘Fashion/Portrait Photography’. Photographs were taken in Studio using state of the art studio Broncolor lighting equipment and on location using either natural light or battery powered lighting. We had a choice of location for the Editorial location shoot and our choice was Swanage, which proved to be a good choice as we were extremely lucky with the weather – cold but dry and bright.Broncolor Studio Lighting Pack

The second location shoot took place at Upton Country Park, the weather unfortunately not so kind but luckily we were shooting indoors in the basement of Upton House a Grade II listed building. We used the natural light filtering through the dirty windows and portable studio/location lighting kit. The reflectors we brought along proved to be essential when using the natural lighting and also proved useful when using the lighting equipment – something similar is now on my wish list. They are cheap to buy and the results obtained when reflecting natural light onto a models face amazing, removing the shadows produced by the main light source.

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